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Employee Handbook

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A well-drawn Employee Handbook can be an important record that will assist and support you, as an employer, should any legal issues or claims be brought against you.

This Handbook has been designed around the expectations, policies and procedures that are to apply to your employees. All of LAWLIVE™'s offers of employment and contract documents provide for the existence of an Employee Handbook. It should not be a substitute for an employment contract, however in some circumstances employer policies and procedures may form part of the contract. We strongly recommend that employers put in place internal procedures to ensure that company policies and procedures which are promised in the Handbook are complied with.

The Handbook sets out those things which are of day to day importance to both the Employer and to employees and it should provide information as well as policies and procedures. This document is only needed once and can be handed to all employees.

Please Note: This Handbook should only be used as a guide. It should be amended to meet your specific requirements and in particular you should not include any policy or procedure which as an Employer you know you are unable to follow through or comply with. We recommend that you think carefully about all of the policies, procedures and information that you include. The content of the Handbook should be consistent with the day to day practices and expectations of your employees in the workplace. If you are unsure about any of the content of the Handbook then you should seek professional advice.

Please Note: In a recent decision of the Federal Court (The Goldman Sachs JB Were case) it was held that parts of the employment handbook of the employer formed part of the employment contract with the employee. You should carefully consider whether you want your employment handbook to form part of your employees' employment contracts or not.

Please Note: Our Employee Handbook provides a general guide. Every properly run business should have an Employee Handbook but it must be very carefully prepared because in some circumstances Employer policies and procedures may form part of the employment contract.

This Handbook includes the following:

- Induction Procedure For New Staff Members
- Employee Commitment Form
- Our Company And Its Business
- Mission Statement
- Your Employment And This Handbook
- Industrial Awards/Collective Agreements
- Experience And Training
- Employee Relations
- Employment Categories
- Full-Time Employees
- Part-Time Employees
- Casual Employees
- Contractors
- Sick Leave (Not Applicable To Casuals And Probationary Employees)
- Unpaid Leave (Not Applicable To Casuals)
- Parental Leave (Applicable To All Employees)
- Payment Of Wages
- Employee Movements
- Presentation And Dress
- Customer Service
- Discrimination And Harassment Policy
- Bullying
- Dispute Settlement Procedure
- Counselling Procedure
- Occupational Health & Safety (Oh&S) Policy
- Workplace Injuries And Compensation
- No Smoking Policy
- Alcohol And Drug Policy
- Computer And Email Policy
- Key Policy
- Locker Policy
- Use Of Telephones
- Telephone Contact Numbers
- Emergency Contact Numbers
- Fire Evacuation Procedure
- Disclosure Of Confidential Information
- Corporate Compliance
NOTE - some of these clauses may or may not be optional to include in the contract:

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