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Employee Handbook

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Company Details
*What is the full name of your Company?
e.g. LawLive Pty Ltd
*What is the registered office address of the Business/Company?
*What is your Company's Phone Number?
Person in charge of Employee Relations
*What is the position for the person in charge of Employee Relations?
Company Description
*Provide a description of your business by completing the following sentence: 'Our Company...'
e.g. provides legal documents and...
*List the backgrounds which your employees have, by completing this sentence: 'Our staff possess backgrounds in...'
e.g. education and customer service
*Complete the following sentence: 'Our Company is dedicated to providing...'
e.g. the highest possible customer service and training to all our clients
*Does your Company have a Mission Statement?
Yes No
Types of Employees
*Do you Employ Part Time Employees?
Yes No
*Do you Employ Causal Employees?
Yes No
*Do you have any Contractors?
Yes No
Employee Payment Details
*How often are your employees paid?
Weekly Fortnightly Monthly
*When do your employees get paid?
e.g. 'each Friday' OR '15th of each month'
Emergency Contact Details
*What is the Phone number of your local Police station?
*What is the Phone number of your local Fire station?
*What is the address of your local Fire station?
Employee Policies
*Would you like to incorporate an Employee Movements Policy?
Yes No
*Would you like to incorporate a Presentation and Dress Policy?
Yes No
*Do you wish to have a Customer Service policy?
Yes No
*Does your company have an Health & Safety Committee?
Yes No
*Does your company conduct alcohol or drug tests on its employees?
Yes No
*Does your company have computers?
Yes No
*Do you wish to have a Use of Telephones policy?
Yes No
*Do employees have access to your Company's confidential information?
Yes No
*Where is your company's fire fighting equipment?