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Employment Agreement (Casual)

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This is a template for an agreement to employ on a casual basis a person under a simple common law employment agreement.

Please Note: If you are unsure about any of the content of this Common Law Contract then you should seek professional advice before signing it.

This document contains the following clauses:

1. Engagement
2. Employee's Obligations
3. Wages
4. Place of Work
5. Hours Of Work
6. Public Holidays
7. Annual Holidays
8. Expenses
9. Jury Service
10. Health And Safety
11. Alcohol And Drugs
12. Resolution of Disputes and Grievances
13. Termination Of Employment
14. Confidentiality And Trust
15. Employee Handbook
16. Restructuring Of The Employer's Business
17. Independent Legal Advice
* Some of these clauses may or may not be optional to include in the contract.

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