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Supply of Goods Agreement

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This document is a general supply of goods agreement and may be tailored to a range of manufactured or manually produced goods.

If compensation is payable on voluntary termination by the Customer, it is important that the compensation payable is no more than a reasonable amount having regard to the nature of the contract. If the compensation is onerous it may be considered to be a 'penalty' in which case it will not be payable.

The contents of this Supply Agreement are:

1. The Parties;
2. The Engagement, and whether it is exclusive or non-exclusive;
3. Prices and Payment;
4. Retention of Title (optional), ie whether the Supplier retains ownership of the Goods after delivery until the Goods are paid for;
5. Quality of Contract Goods, ie mandatory warranties as to fitness for purpose and compliance with relevant safety standards, Codes and legislation;
6. Ordering, Delivery and Packaging;
7. Breach by Supplier, time to remedy the breach, termination of supply;
8. Breach by Customer, time to remedy the breach, termination of supply;
9. Warranty, Supplier to repair and fix;
10. Termination, with optional compensation clause;
11. Additional Clauses (if any, in the Schedule) to override provisions in the Agreement;
12. Statutory Warranties;
13. Guarantee in favour of the Supplier (optional); and
14. Schedule (to include itemisation of Goods, Prices per unit, method & terms of Payment, Price Variations (if any), Delivery details, Additional Clauses (if any).

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