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Contractor Terms of Service Template

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If you are a Contractor and you provide services to your customers it is important to have a clear Terms of Service document which your customers agree to, especially when it comes to collecting payment.

You can use this document if you are performing almost any type of trade work including; Transport, Plumbing, Electrical Works, Earthmoving, Cleaning, Concreting, Rendering, Rubbish Removal, Sign Writing, etc.

Having this Terms of Service in place will make it easier for you to collect payment from your customers by clearly defining when and how payments should be made, this document will also help protect you by outlining your Occupational Health & Safety and warranty obligations.

Using the Terms of Service Template

The best way to use this document is to print it on the back of your quote forms (if you use them) and your invoices. You should also have a link to it from your website (if you have one) so your clients are able to see your terms before hiring you to perform works.

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