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Website Terms & Conditions (User Generated Content)

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Website Details
*What is the name of the company, business or person who owns the website?
if a company include Limited
*What is the website domain name?
*On registration do you provide a member/registered user with any other unique identifier other than a password?
Yes No
*What is that indentification?
eg. account number, key word.
*If the information provided by a user upon registration is found to be incorrect do you reserve the right to cancel their membership?
Yes No
*Do you charge for any portion of the use of your website?
Yes No
*Do you reserve the right to adapt information which is posted to the website by users?
Yes No
*Do you wish to permit users to link to your site?
Yes No
*Is such linking permitted with or without your consent?
with without
*Do you seek comments or other information from users of your website?
Yes No
*Does your website host third party material such as advertisements or endorsements?
Yes No