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Website Terms & Conditions (Providing Services)

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*What is the name of the company, business or person who owns the website?
if a company include Limited
*If you require customers to register will you refer to them as 'Members' or 'Registered Users'?
Registered Users
None (i.e. customers are not required to register)
On registration do you provide a member/registered user with any other unique identifier other than a password?
Yes No
*Do you wish to limit your services to within New Zealand only?
Yes No
*Is your price list inclusive or exclusive of GST?
inclusive exclusive
*Do you wish to state that unfilled orders will be met at the price listed at time of purchase? Or do you wish to reserve the right to cancel the order?
Amend price list
Right to cancel order
*Do you seek comments or other information from users of your website?
Yes No
*Does your website host third party material such as advertisements or endorsements?
Yes No