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Website Terms & Conditions (Providing Products)

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Website Details
*What is the name of the company, business or person who owns the website?
if a company include Limited
*If you require customers to register will you refer to them as 'Members' or 'Registered Users'?
Registered Users
None (i.e. customers are not required to register)
On registration do you provide a member/registered user with any other unique identifier other than a password?
Yes No
What is that indentification?
e.g. account number, keyword.
*Is your information intended for residents in New Zealand only?
Yes No
*If your prices change do you reserve the right to cancel the order or will you fulfil the order at the original price?
Fulfil the order Right to cancel order
*Do you wish to permit users to link to your site?
Yes No
*Do you seek comments or other information from users of your website?
Yes No
*Does your website host third party material such as advertisements or endorsements?
Yes No
Product Order Details
*Do you wish to limit your product sales to within New Zealand only?
Yes No
*Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of GST?
inclusive exclusive
*Within how many days do you undertake to accept or reject a customer's order?
 e.g. seven (7)
*Do you wish to include a no-cancellation policy once an order has been submitted?
Yes No
*Do you provide an insurance option for delivery of product/s when customers place an order?
Yes No
*Do you wish to include a cancellation provision where there has been an incorrect price listing, product description or image?
Yes No
*Do you undertake to exchange an undamaged & unused product after purchase?
Yes No
*Do you have stores throughout New Zealand where faulty, damaged or undamaged product may be returned?
Yes No
*If a Force Majeure event causes delay, how long must the delay be for you to be able to terminate this agreement?
 e.g. thirty (30) days
*In such an event how long would be the notice provided by you?
 e.g. seven (7) days