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Offer of Employment (Part Time)

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*What is the name of your Company?
e.g. LawLive Ltd
*What is the name of the person this offer is being presented to?
*What is the address of the person this offer is being presented to??
Offer Details
*Do you know on what date will the employment commence?
Yes No
Please enter date of commencement of employment:
*What is the position you are offering the Employee?
 e.g. Receptionist
*Would you like to include your own probationary period or a 90-day trial period?
Probationary Period 90-Day Trial Period
How long would you like the probationary period to be?
 e.g. three (3)
What length of notice is required to be given upon termination during probation?
 e.g. one (1)
*To whom will the Employee report to on his/her first day?
*Who will the Employee's immediate supervisor be?
*Will the Employee be paid a salary (per annum) or a wage (per hour)?
salary wage
*How much will the Employee be paid?
*Will the Employee recieve any commission?
Yes No
*How often will the Employee be paid?
weekly fortnightly monthly
*How will the Employee be paid?
electronic funds transfer cheque
*How many hours a week would the Employee expect to work?
*Do you wish to specify on what days would the Employee be required to work?
Yes No
Please enter days:
eg. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...etc.
*Does the company have an Employee Handbook or similar document setting out policies and/or procedures for the workplace? It is a good idea to have such a document.
Yes No
*What is the name of the person presenting this offer?
 e.g. John Smith
*What is the position of the person presenting this offer?
 e.g. HR Manager
*Once the Employee signs this offer, who should he/she send the signed copy to?